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Refund Policy

If you are not interested in the products you purchased, we will be happy to help and replace it, or if needed - to return.

For full refund

In the first 14 days from receiving the product, you can get a full refund.

All you have to do is to send us back the product in 14 days from the receiving, and to make sure there is no damage, and that the product is not been used.

Also, you have to send us cancelation message, on mail / e-mail, in no more than 14 days from your purchase.

The refund will be full price, except 5% (or 100 NIS, the lower) – cancelation payment by law.

If the product you purchased is different than you got, or any other mistakes in the shipment – please let us know and we will replace it as soon as possible.

For full refund, please contact us!

For replacements

You can replace the product you purchased in 14 days from the receiving day.

Make sure you send the product and make sure it arrives on time (14 days).

You can always, of course, contact us to save your new choice of products.

All above, only if:

  1. Showing receipt or other proof of the purchase.

  2. The product is without damage and not been used.

Any question? Please contact!


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