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Accessibility statement

Human dignity, freedom and equality as a cornerstone of our beliefs at FUSHIA. FUSHIA places emphasis on providing personal service to all its customers, including people with various disabilities. We invest many resources to make our services accessible and enable a highly accessible surfing experience for the entire population and people with disabilities in particular.


Despite our many efforts to make our site accessible, it is possible that parts of it aren’t accessible or that some of the accessibility capabilities aren’t working. If you require assistance, or if you wish to report an issue or an accessibility gap, please contact us using the contact information at the bottom of the page. You are welcome to contact us with any claim, request or suggestion for improvement, to notify an accessibility problem or to request assistance.

Accessibility of our site

  • Support for different browsers and different types of devices

  • Simple and clear means of navigation

  • Display compatibility with a variety of screens and resolutions

  • Alternative textual explanation for images

  • Adaptable font size, display contrast, highlighting links, canceling flashing lights, and other adjustments related to the display of the text on the website are enabled via the accessibility plugin on the website.

Accessibility of our store in Levontin:

The store staff will be happy to provide help and personal service to all of our customers, and in particular to assist with accessibility adjustments if necessary. Unfortunately, our store in Levontin does not have an entrance adapted for wheelchairs. We will be happy to provide services over the phone and bring the items to you with the help of our delivery service, or of course, bring them to you to the store enterance.

Contact information:


phone: 03-5562528

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