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This reeds diffuser allows the woody sandalwood scent to gently circulate your space with a scent of blossom spring, long-lasting in your room.

500 ml – woody sandalwood – a soft fragrance, long-lasting in your room. It will scent your home with a soft woody floral ambiance. Lasts for about 4 months.


Comes with black/white/natural reeds.

Once the home perfume finishes, a refill perfume is available.


About our Woody-Sandalwood scent:

Remindes us of an Urbun Hotel, chic and full of lifestyle.

Smoky sandalwood trees, a touch of cigar and lily of the valley. Feels like wrapping in it.

Lily of the valley, sandalwood, white musk and Fruity musk.

Woody sandalwood diffuser 500 ml


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